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Only the Best Possible Estate Liquidation Services for Our Clients

Antique Oil Painting - Cows Watering - Artist Unknown 

Sold - $3,100.00 

Victorian Hand Painted Porcelain Pin 

Sold - $2,250.00

19th Century Zuni Water Pot 

Sold - $2,500.00

Vintage Opal & 18K Gold Ring 

Sold - $700.00

To whom it might concern,

                                                             My cousin, Lucy, passed in Syracuse, N.Y. Dec. 2020 and her only family lived in Michigan.

                                                             Finding Estate Consultants and Tim Conroy was a blessing. He immediately gave me several referrals to call and they gave me peace of mind.

                                                             They went into a house full of memories from three sisters that had lived there with all their possessions, and organized, cleaned, evaluated, brought in experts for opinions, priced, marketed, and contacted potential buyers.

                                                             All this happened while I was in Michigan. With daily updates, pictures on the internet, of rooms progressing nicely, from lots of clutter to easily viewed items for auction. Phone calls were exchanged and every step of the process was transparent.

                                                             Once the auction was done, remaining items were donated, home was emptied, swept cleaned and key turned over to the real estate person.

                                                             All in All-I was very pleased with the results, would not hesitate to use Tim Conroy and Estate Consultants again, and would glad to be a reference.


Sally A Talarczyk




What do the folks at Estate Consultants know about the sale of Personal Property ?

Estate Consultants can generate much more revenue by selling online to a worldwide audience than by holding local, in-person estate sales. Estate Consultants does all the cleaning, sorting, product research, authentication, inventory, catalog descriptions, photography, promotion of the sale, and arranging for the shipping of sold items. Our goal is to make the buying experience as easy & as enjoyable as possible. Our buyers enjoy the experience of purchasing items directly from the homes where they are found. They get more satisfaction with their purchases when they have a "back story". Elmer Wheeler, a leading 20th century salesman coined the phrase  "We don't sell the steak we sell the sizzle" ! This is a very true statement ! People want to know the history of the item. This is known as "provenance" in the vernacular of the collector. If you are selling a chair it is, of course, an object that one can use to sit on. There is added value in the mind of the prospective buyer when they learn that the chair is 250 years old and that it was made by the famous 18th century cabinet maker "John Aitkin" expressly for America's first President "George Washington" . More value is added when we learn that the chair was made from a Cherry tree that was cut from Washington's beloved Mount Vernon estate. Still more value is added when the direct lineage can be traced, through estate inventories, personal diaries and other documentation, to it's current ownership. The "provenance" is the "sizzle" ! Buyer's are willing to spend more money to own an object if it has a story with it.......PROVENANCE !   Simply put Estate Consultants know A LOT about selling Personal Property !

Estate Consultants With Vast Industry Experience

Part of the job of Estate Consultants is to ensure that your possessions are passed on to the most appropriate new owners. If you are planning to sell your estate, collection or just a few quality pieces, let us evaluate your property. Our opinion will allow you to make a more educated decision regarding the disposition of your belongings.



The first step to liquidation is accurate property identification. We can identify the difference between authentic pieces and remakes or copies. If you do not accurately identify the item that you are charged with evaluating you cannot possibly expect to attract the most appropriate buyer (that usually means the most interested buyer.... the buyer that is willing to pay the most money !). It is also important to note that your properties are safe with us  against loss or damage.

Valuation and Market Placement

Next, we evaluate each item. The objects themselves dictate the path to liquidation. Our years of experience have taught us that some items are best sold in the local market, others require regional exposure, and more prized possessions demand a national or  international market.

Lastly, we use the correct medium to reach the right buyers. We incorporate targeted and "shotgun" internet marketing, print ads, personal emails and one on one telephone calls in our marketing campaign. We make sure that items are properly identified and product names are spelled correctly. We then utilize the precise keywords, spelling, terms, and accepted industry identifications in order to reach the intended party. 

Pictures may be sent to our email address for immediate response - 


Estate Consultants Auction and Estate Marketing offers a number of different ways for you to participate in the auction process.


You may bid from you computer, laptop or smartphone in real time on auction day as the sale is happening. You simply register for the auction, peruse the catalog, select the items that interest you and wait for the auction to begin ! When an item comes up that you wish to bid on simply click the "bid now". The bid increments are set at a low level and it a "soft close" auction stress or fear of sniping in at the last second


You can participate in the auction by placing bids ahead of time once the catalog has been published ( usually one week prior to the auction date). These bids are kept confidential and are bid competitively (you may win the bid for less than the amount that you were willing to pay)


Absentee Bidding

You must place absentee bids no less than 24 hours before the start of the auction. Absentee bids may be left one of three ways.

  • Attend a preview in person, fill out and leave an Absentee Bid form.

  • Call Estate Consultants at 315-727-6115 and speak with one of our representatives.

  • Email Estate Consultants with your bids, your name, address & telephone number and a description of the items with any lot numbers. Once an absentee bid is submitted, you will be contacted by a representative to confirm your bid(s). If a representative has not contacted you prior to the day of the auction, please contact us at 315-277-5578 


All auction sales are subject to a ‘buyer’s premium’ of 15% (on line bidding is assessed a Premium of 20%). This premium will be added to the hammer price of each lot.  We accept Checks and all major Credit Cards, (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express). All items purchased must be paid for in full at the conclusion  of the auction, unless prior arrangements have been made. All purchases are subject to the NY State sales tax applicable to the locality where the auction is being held, unless a valid NYS resale certificate is filed with Estate Consultants.

Telephone Bidding

If you would like to setup a telephone bid for our next sale, please call 315-277-5578 or email Once a telephone bid is submitted, you will be contacted prior to the auction by a representative from Estate Consultants to confirm your telephone numbers. The representative will offer an approximate sale time for your item(s). If a representative hasn’t contacted you prior to the day of the auction, please contact us at 315-727-6115

Husqvarna Lawn Tractor

Sold - $750.00

Vintage Omega 18K Gold Wristwatch

Sold - $2700.0

Antique Cast Iron Hand Pump 

Sold - $590.00

John Deere Lawn Tractor

Sold - $1,150.00

Terms and Conditions

Estate Consultants makes every effort to correctly describe all items that they sell. Estate Consultants are not responsible for errors, omissions or oral condition reports. Estate Consultants reserves the right to make verbal corrections and/or provide additional information from the block during the sale. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to request a condition report and be well informed regarding the merchandise prior to placing a bid. The person identified by the auctioneer as the high bidder shall be the purchaser. In the event of any dispute between bidders, the auctioneer shall have absolute discretion in determining the successful bidder, or he/she may re-offer the disputed item for sale if he/she so wishes.

Absentee bids will be executed in a competitive manner by a company representative.

Estate Consultants is pleased to accommodate your requests for additional information and photographs, however, your personal examination is always preferred when possible. It is the responsibility of the bidder to examine lots and decide on their level of interest. We have most items available for private preview, by appointment or during our posted preview hours prior to the auction. Lots are sold in ‘as is’ condition. All sales are final. Estate Consultants is not responsible for the theft or damage of items sold. The high bidder is responsible for all of their purchases after the auctioneer's hammer goes down and identifies your number as the winning bid!

TAKE NOTE : All auction sales are final. Although Estate Consultants endeavor to inform bidders regarding all aspects the items we sell, and specific purchases, it is incumbent upon the bidder to ascertain, to their satisfaction, the authenticity, condition, shipping / transportation costs or any other factors that may influence their bid BEFORE bidding. Additional items are added to all auctions from other estates in order to facilitate their sale and to enhance the sale for buyers.

By bidding you are agreeing to the terms of this auction. Your bid is to be considered a binding legal agreement. All payment for purchases MUST be made within 5 business days of the conclusion of the auction unless other arrangements have been agreed to in writing by the bidder and Estate Consultants. Those items that remain unpaid after 5 days will be placed in storage with a storage fee of $20.00 per day being levied upon the buyer. Those items that remain in storage more than 10 days will be considered forfeit. The cost of the item and all storage fees will be the responsibility of the buyer of record to pay. After 5 days from the forfeiture any remaining unpaid balance will be turned over to a collection agency.

Also all sale items that Estate Consultants have been paid for, yet are sent to the " UPS Store " shipping company without payment for shipping , will be subject to a storage fee of $20.00 per day assessed by the " UPS Store " after 10 days at the " UPS Store " if shipping arrangements have not been consummated with the " UPS Store " those items will be considered forfeit . You will give up your rights to ownership of those items.  Please call 315-727-6115 if you have any questions regarding this policy.


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