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These are some of the most interesting & unique Antiques and Fine Art Pieces that Estate Consultants have found and SOLD

Discoveries made by Estate Consultants

Welcome to the " DISCOVERIES " page presented by Estate Consultants. Please take a moment to view the photographs below. These are all pictures of items that we have discovered in local estates and sold to buyers from around the world. It never ceases to amaze us what treasures are hidden in homes ! People in our industry like to say "the GOOD stuff has all been found". We at Estate Consultants know that is not a true statement ! These items will prove our point ! 


1) "Harry Shokler" Oil on Board - SOLD 2/24/2023 - $3,600.00

2) "Wm. McKendree Snyder" Oil on Canvas - SOLD - $2,500.00

3) "Alexander Dzigurski" Oil on Canvas - SOLD 2/24/2023 - $6,700.00

4) 18th Century Oil on Canvas European Scene - SOLD - $750.00

We discovered a pair of Gold Wine Cups in a china cabinet, shown on the left above, We SOLD the pair for $27,000.00  *** The Early Halloween  "VEGETABLE MAN" Candy Container was discovered by Estate Consultants in a shoe box in an estate in Northern, NY. SOLD by us for $8,600.00

This rare TIFFANY STUDIOS Table Lamp was found by Estate Consultants in a home locally & SOLD for $15,000.00 (above - 3rd picture from the right) *** This oil painting on canvas, scene of Venice, Italy, was painted by "THOMAS MORAN" (far right above). Found under a bed in a Central NY town & SOLD by Estate Consultants for $70,000.00  

Estate Consultants found this TIFFANY & Co. Sterling Silver flatware service scattered throughout an area estate (above left), We SOLD the set of "Audubon" FOR $17,000.00 *** The Vintage Corvette found in an Upstate, NY Barn fetched  $30,000.00

The Coin Sliver Spoon was owned by the "Public Universal Friend". A non-gender specific 19th century  Spiritual leader "Jemima Wikinson" who founded a religious movement similar to the Quakers and SOLD FOR $3,000.00 *** The Portrait (above far right) is of "Jane Ledyard" of Cazenovia, NY. The painting, along with it's mate, a Portrait of Jane's husband Jonathan Ledyard, were painted by "Samuel F.B. Morse" (of Morse code fame) identified by us and SOLD for $120,000.00

"TIFFANY STUDIOS"rare Floor Lamp found by us  in a Central New York farmhouse and SOLD for $360,000.00  

The Antique "MOON FACE" Copper Food Mold was found in a kitchen in Hamilton, NY and SOLD by Estate Consultants for $500.00

A 19th century Horse Drawn "Doctor's Buggy" found by Estate Consultants in an Auburn, NY estate and SOLD  by Estate Consultants

The CHEVY TRUCK  was in the estate of a single Gentleman who died unexpectedly in a freak lawn-mowing  accident - Estate Consultants SOLD the vehicle for $33,000.00

SOLD -- $160,000.00

This extremely rare  MINIATURE BLANKET BOX was found by us on a sun porch in a tiny country farmhouse. The woman who lived there had passed and we were called in to handle the estate. The estate owner had been using this box to hold her newspapers & magazines for recycling. We identified it as an important piece American Furniture. It was dated "1814", remained in original paint and we determined that it had not moved more than 25 miles from where it was Schoharie County, NY ............for more than 200 years !  

This pair of Still Life paintings by 19th century American artist "C.P. Ream" (Carducius Plantagenet Ream b. 1837 - d. 1917) - SOLD for $42,000.00 (a world record price at the time !)

 " V. Palmaroli " (Vicente Palmaroli Y Gonzalez - b. 1834 - d. 1896 - Spain) Oil Painting - SOLD $3800.00 *** Armand Marseille - Googly Eye Doll -  SOLD for $600.00

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2001 Porsche 911

Sold - $31,750.00



SOLD - $6,600.00

Antique Baktiari Oriental Carpet

SOLD - $6,500.00

Antique Mahal Oriental Carpet

SOLD - $9,500.00

Beautiful Antique Maharajan Oriental Carpet

SOLD - $3,650.00

Antique Sarouk Oriental Carpet

SOLD - $2,000.00

2017 Ford Fusion

SOLD - $21,500

Antique "Lyon and Healy" Concert Harp

SOLD - $8,200.00

18th Century "Christopher Ganer" Pianoforte

SOLD - $3,650

Rare Venini Glass -Fulvio Bianconi "Pezzato" Vase

SOLD - $4,130.00

"Salvador Dali" Original Lithograph 


SOLD - $900.00

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