Estate Consultants



Estate Consultants With Vast Industry Experience

Part of the job of Estate Consultants is to ensure that your possessions are passed on to the most appropriate new owners. If you are planning to sell your estate, collection or just a few quality pieces, let us evaluate your property . Our opinion will allow you to make a more educated decision regarding the disposition of your belongings .


The first step to liquidation is accurate property identification. We can identify the difference between authentic pieces and remakes or copies. If you do not accurately identify the item that you are charged with evaluating you cannot possibly expect to attract the most appropriate buyer ( that usually means the most interested buyer.... the buyer that is willing to pay the most money ! ) . It is also important to note that your properties are safe with us – we are fully insured against loss or damage.

Valuation and Market Placement

Next, we evaluate each item. The objects themselves dictate the path to liquidation. Our years of experience have taught us that some items are best sold in the local market, others require regional exposure, and more prized possessions demand an international market.

Lastly, we use the correct medium to reach the right buyers. We incorporate targeted and " shotgun " internet marketing, print ads, personal emails and one on one telephone calls in our marketing campaign. We make sure that items are properly identified  and product names are spelled correctly. We then utilize the precise keywords, spelling, terms, and accepted industry identifications in order to reach the intended party.

Pictures may be sent to our email address for immediate response - [email protected]